16 Recent Research Areas of Commerce & Management

  1. Impact of Outsourcing Material Availability Decision-Making.
  2. Enhancing Employee Performance Through Monetary Incentives.
  3. Outsourcing Human Resource in Beverage and Food Firms.
  4. Role of E-Commerce in Reducing Operational Cost.
  5. Reducing Unemployment Through a Co-Operative Movement.
  6. An Analysis of the Downside of Co-Operative Thrift and Credit Society.
  7. Analysis of the Role of Insurance Companies in Driving Growth of SMEs.
  8. Implications of Globalization on National Security.
  9. Exploring the Significance of Commerce in Today’s World.
  10. The Significance of E-Commerce in Emerging Markets.
  11. How does advertising affect sales and conversions? 
  12. The effectiveness of online shopping.
  13. The role of supply chain management in improving customer service.
  14. AI implementation in e-commerce.
  15. Green consumerism in the coming years.
  16. The role of technologies in enhancing eCommerce.


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